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Brianna Plaza | the human behind this newsletter

I am Brooklyn-based writer with a deep interest in food and cooking. In 2021, I started this newsletter and have had a great time meeting a whole host of interesting folks across the food and drink world.

friends of on hand:

Peter Lacovara | sometimes editor

Peter isn’t an editor in any professional capacity, but he often edits my writing because I need a second set of eyes. I’ve known Peter for years and he’s basically a brother at this point. He’s based in the Bay Area where he frequently overindulges in all the city has to offer and travels whenever his schedule/pandemics allow him.

Amanda Jennings | designer

Amanda and I used to work together a few jobs ago and she remains one of my closest friends, and she designed the branding for on hand. She is based in Brooklyn where she frequents local restaurants and hangs out with her Frenchie, Lady.

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